Welcome to the BovineMine Tutorial!

BovineMine is a data mining warehouse for Bos taurus genome (UMD3.1.1 assembly), powered by InterMine.

Link to main site: http://bovinegenome.org/bovinemine

BovineMine integrates datasets from various data sources such as NCBI RefSeq, ENSEMBL, UniProt, GO annotations, EnsemblCompara, Homologene, Reactome. Additionally, BovineMine also integrates datasets from http://www.bovinegenome.org.

Link to the available datasets in BovineMine: http://bovinegenome.org/bovinemine/dataCategories.do

BovineMine is part of the Bovine Genome Database (BGD) and is funded by grant 2007-35616-17882 and 2010-65205-20407 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture and is hosted at the University of Missouri.


Click here for a video tutorial, created by FlyMine, which highlights the features of InterMine.

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